Lapel pins, metal badges and emblems - custom work

Оne of our key activities is design and manufacture of metal enamel pins and lapel pins, badges, emblems, nameplates, as well as the production of metal logo plates, branding of clothes, bags, furniture, bottles, cars, etc.

To place an order, you just need to send a request in any way that is convenient for you. To receive the price estimate or find out the exact price for badges, please inform us about your vision and send the available information, and the rest is our concern.

To get faster results, especially for those who understand what we mean :) we recommend sending sources in vector formats ― Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, PDF.

If you have no design, do not worry, we will help you with it.

Irrespective of whether you need to reproduce the existing product or create something completely new and exclusive, you will receive individual attention and inexhaustible creativity from our designers.

Based on your individual requirements, we will work hard to find the best solution for you. The main thing is to achieve the goal set. We will select the correct colours and final processing techniques, as well as agree on the final design so that you will not have to leave your office.

If necessary, we can produce badges apiece. In other words, you can order a sample of the future badge, metal name plate, or emblem. This service costs about USD 10, depending on the complexity. It allows us to avoid misunderstanding in the production of the batch of badges, and work out all the details ― thickness and colour of metal, combination, conformance of enamel, etc.

Are you pressed for time?! Just tell us. Our speed will surprise you. Normal production time of badges is 10 business days, depending on the quantity and production load as of the order placement. Our experts will perform any, complex or simple, order in the best possible way. Producing metal badges with a logo, nameplates, and emblems, as well as branding, is our everyday work.

Below you can find the general informative article about the main technologies for producing/manufacturing metal badges, name plates, and emblems. We hope this information will help you to implement your creative plans and decide to work with us :)

Currently, we consider three most popular and relevant badge production technologies:

Production of nameplates and badges using the chemical etching technology

- is one of the ways to obtain a badge at the most affordable price, especially for small batches. The basis is brass or brass and copper alloy, and, depending on the design, the badge may be coated with a protective and decorative layer of copper, nickel, and, if necessary, gold or silver. The image is etched with acid in relief; the finest details of the picture are reproduced. Then the badge is cut out along the outline using a special die-cutting stamp. The badge is polished. It may be painted or coated with a protective polymer layer.

Production of badges and name plates using the forged method

Production of metal badges, name plates, and emblems using the forged method require a stamp. It allows reproducing the picture in relief and dimensions, which is called 3D today. Our expert engraver will exactly replicate your drawing on a metal stamp with great deliberation. Then, using the powerful press, each badge is cold forged and cut out along the outline. Furrows received are filled with coloured enamels. The result is a badge, the quality of which equals to a piece of jewellery, with a high degree of accuracy and detail.

Production of badges and name plates using the casting method

If you want to have a badge which would be a work of art, produced mostly of precious metals, for a long time and at a high price to be unique, we offer jewellery casting. We have mastered this technology, which reveals the ancient skill of working with metal in a new way in our hands.