Sign plates - custom work

We offer production/manufacture of metal sign plates of any complexity. Metal emblems, logo plates for the products you sell (branding), sign plates for entrance doors, metal signboards on the building face, or brass letters ― everything will be produced as is right and proper. Metal sign plates look definitely beautiful and durable and create a sense of safety and stability.


Sign plates  - custom work


Metal sign plates and metal letters of brass are in the highest demand. This metal looks wonderful even without any protective coatings; therefore, a brass sign plate or board is so popular in Europe. Antiquated brass sign boards and plates with patina are particularly advantageous. If necessary, according to your requirements and style, the sign plate may be coated with chrome or a protective and decorative layer of copper, nickel, silver, or even gold.

Sign plate is an important part of the general corporate image. It is assigned the role of “the first impression”. You know what they say: people are met by clothes, and companies ― by sign plates. A sheet of paper in a transparent file at the entrance is a frequent phenomenon nowadays, but high-quality sign plate, above all, shows respect towards yourself and your customers.


Production time of sign plates is 10 20 business days, depending on the size, complexity and production load as of the order placement.

Price for sign plates is calculated individually. Size, thickness, and coating affect the cost.

The fixing set is delivered with the sign plate. Installation is performed as may be agreed, for an extra charge. It is about USD 30-50, depending on the quality of surface which the sign plate is mounted to.

To place an order you just need to send a request by any means that are convenient for you. Please tell us about your vision and send the available information, and the rest is our concern. To get faster results, especially for those who understand what we mean :) we recommend sending sources in vector formats ― Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, PDF.

If you have no design, do not worry, we will help you with it. Based on your individual requirements, we will work hard to find the best solution for you, and agree on the final design, so that you will not have to leave your office.