Medals - custom work

As manufacturers, we offer the entire range of solutions in this product category ― from the economy to VIP level. Design and manufacture of medals, production of souvenir coins, medallions, tokens and even casino chips are our main activity areas.

medals - custom work


To place an order, you just need to send a request in any way that is convenient for you. In order to receive the price estimate or find out the exact price for medals, please inform us about your vision and send the available information, and the rest is our concern.

To get faster results, especially for those who understand what we mean :) we recommend sending sources in vector formats ― Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, PDF.

If you have no design, do not worry, we will help you with it.

Irrespective of whether you need to reproduce the existing product or create something completely new and exclusive, you will receive individual attention from our managers and inexhaustible creativity from our designers.


Based on your individual requirements, we will work hard to find the best solution for you. The main thing is to achieve the goal set. We will select the correct colours and final processing techniques, as well as agree on the final design so that you will not have to leave your office.

Are you pressed for time?! Just tell us. Our speed will surprise you. The exact production time is agreed upon placing an order, depending on the complexity and quantity. We will perform any order, complex or simple, in the best possible way and in due time. Producing medals is our everyday work.

The most common diameter of souvenir medals is 50 and 60 mm. Medals may go with straps, be packed in velvet cases or exclusive boxes of natural wood, which may be transformed into a desktop holder. The items of smaller diameter (25-40 mm) include medals with suspension devices, souvenir coins, and tokens. We can perform customized individual order according to your requirements, and, if necessary, produce your medal in a single piece.