Lapel and enamel pins - custom work

The City of Masters TM offers customization of awards commemorating graduation from college, university, school, lyceum, kindergarten ― medals, award pins, badges, diplomas. We can produce all of these products according to your design layout, sketch or photo.

If we have enough time, the design layout of the future badge, medal, commemorative diploma or certificate may be ordered free of charge subject to placing an order ― in other words, making payment in advance.

Taking into account the rush and May’s holidays, it is preferable to have sufficient time to produce badges and medals for graduates ― around ten or fifteen days, or even better twenty working days :) So, based on our experience, we recommend you apply in advance, saving your budget and nerves. The ideal way is to have awards beforehand and keep them for the right moment.

It is better to place group orders for badges, medals, and diplomas for graduates rather than single ones. It is the quantity that affects the price.

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