Brass plate for the ESTA Holding

If you walk by Andrew Descent note on a brass plate which is fixed on the stairs leading to the Castle Mountain (historical name Horwitz), the tablet produced we, on order of ESTA Holding group companies of Rinat Akhmetov, has conducted the complete restoration in 2012 .

Every time they find themselves in this place, I am surprised that a sign is still in place and pleasing to the eye, in fact as well as the very stairs :) in fact plate is not made out of a ferrous metal and brass. And certainly the Col write this article, with just a few words proizvodsta brass plates technology, maybe it will be interesting, especially for those who are planning to order something similar, or the same plate.

Size of front plates are often small, so in the production, manufacture of metal plates partalnye use machines that can evenly and kachetsvenno process all the metal plate area, in this case, the basis was taken Brass 6 mm thick. size 600 x 600 mm. The seat under false letters through a stencil made by etching, then, the entire area of ​​sheet brass toned patina. Metal letters milled on the machine coordinate so as brass 6mm thick. securing each metal pins. Mounting plates for banisters firmly fixed argon welding.